Barbara Boettcher – Director and Founder of Red Door Montessori


Certified Primary Montessori Instructor, North American Montessori Center

Barbara has over 25 years of early childhood education experience, acting as both a Montessori teacher and an early education business owner, hand-selecting curriculum and learning materials for homeschooling parents. Barbara combined first-hand experience, a passion for early childhood education and her entrepreneurial spirit when opening Red Door Montessori, envisioning a school with a nurturing and loving atmosphere for young children, open communication with parents, top-notch teaching staff and continual investment into the community.

On an average day, Barbara can be seen observing and leading the class in works, meeting with parents and planning out future activities for the students. Barbara’s weekends are filled with  family; spending time with her husband, their three adult children, spouses and grandchildren, or going on long walks with her dog, Rex.