Christy Boettcher – Co-Teacher and Arts and Sensorial Coordinator


Certified Primary Montessori Instructor, North American Montessori Center

Christy decided to pursue a career in Montessori teaching after working as an assistant teacher and seeing the passion young children have for absorbing their surrounding environment. A 10-year veteran of the Seattle coffee scene, she gained a love of establishing connections and interacting with her customers. In more recent years in a Montessori environment, her love has translated into a desire to connect with and impact the younger generation, encouraging these eager minds to grow into their full potential.
Christy holds an Arts and Science Associates degree from Bellevue College and acts as Red Door Montessori’s Arts and Sensorial Coordinator, constantly coming up with innovative and stimulating ways for young children to explore their creativity. During her down time, Christy loves to spend time with her son Ezekiel and always finds relaxation through artwork and attending local music shows.